Laura Ponticorvo vraagt om selfies met een blauw oog…

Laura Ponticorvo

Vlogster Laura Ponticorvo is een fantastisch mens. Op Instagram poseert ze met een blauw oog. Gelukkig is haar oog gepothoshopt en dus niet het gevolg van een laffe daad zoals mishandeling. Met deze foto wil Laura aandacht voor vrouwenrechtenorganisatie Terre des Femmes vragen. Ze vertelt hierover:

Hi guys.. This is not a ‘pretty post’ but it’s meant to get your #attention. The reason I am writing in English is that I want this post to reach as many women – not only in the Netherlands.
I’ve decided to support #TerreDesFemmes by using my Instagram reach in order to raise awareness to domestic violence in Europe. My goal is to help girls/women understand we do not have to accept this!
I recognize the fact this happens to men as well. Still, this is an issue which happens to women much more often.
I am very lucky with my sweet boyfriend who is always treating me like a princess. But unfortunately not every woman is that lucky πŸ’” 1 in 4 women in Germany is a victim of domestic violence. In The Netherlands, the situation isn’t much better.
Even if it’s not happening to you, it might be happening to one of your friends or relatives.

Don’t ignore it, come forward. Share a similar selfie so more women can find a way out. πŸ™πŸΌ

Together we can #ChangeThisPicture #TerreDesFemmes @terredesfemmes Please lets help each other and other women πŸ’•

Olcay Gulsen heeft vier dagen geleden ook al een dergelijk oproepje gedaan, zie hier haar foto

Olcay Gulsen




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